Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cellit Mobile Marketing

The Cellit Mobile Marketing has a number of sister concerns which are involved in providing Mobile Marketing solutions. One of them is House4Cell. This House4Cell caters to the needs of all realtors in communicating the information about the new homes for sale or rent to many customers. With the help of House4Cell, you can easily get instant messages about any property. This House4Cell also allows the real estate dealers to send photos of the property to customers. By sending the photos of the properties, the chances of people giving attention to that property are more. This House4Cell uses a special tool to send both text messages and photos. This instant information is of great help to all buyers. The pricing of using CouponZap is less and any business can easily afford it. They accept monthly charges and they are very nominal. To know the latest in the field of Mobile Marketing and to know more about Cellit Mobile Marketing, you have to go and visit Just feed in the details that has been asked at The sister concern of Cellit Mobile Marketing this Cellit Mobile Marketing is the leader in bringing this Mobile Marketing technology. There are numerous clients that have benefited from the services of Cellit Mobile Marketing. To get the list of Shortcodes clients that use Cellit Mobile Marketing, you have to go to

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