Monday, October 26, 2009

Deepavali release

The maximum number of prints released was about 30. Today, a Vijay film opens with about 200 prints. "Today, the business is about recovering money through more prints and in lesser time.There are 6,000 outlets selling pirated video discs in the State. Recently, about 200 traders in Burma Bazaar said that by legitimising the video business, producers could recover up to 25 per cent of their investment. They promised to sell official VCDs/DVDs on a commission basis. Additionally, satellite rights could fetch 10-25 per cent of the film's budget, say traders. Bollywood has countered piracy by releasing satellite rights and video rights within weeks of the film's release. Official videos of the Deepavali release, `Veer-Zaara,' are likely to hit the stands by Christmas. Satellite rights of `Naach' were recently finalised, says an insider.

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