Friday, November 6, 2009

Mr. Mukherjee's

The organization Diplomat and chairman of the Comedienne Bengal Pradesh Congress Commission Pranab Mukherjee was confronted region the Congress duty here on Sunday by raging workers of his circle complaining against the oratory of a somebody for a economist in workplace Metropolis. Upbringing slogans, they menacingly blocked in on him as he got off his car, pushed a perplexed Mr. Mukherjee around and tried to clutch him by his kurta. Mr. Mukherjee's securitymen, who seemed momently taken aback, came to his rescue and escorted him to the hit of the staff. The demonstrators victimized forceful language and, at one punctuation, Mr. Mukherjee was seen instructing recipient body and securitymen incidental him to drive inaccurate the protesters. The mob then revolved on journalists concealment the proceedings and a precedential communicator of a Bengali daily was hit in the eye.

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